KTA Final Boracay island,Philippine 2014

The final round of KITEBOARD TOUR ASIA season 2013/2014 in Boracay island,Philippine.

It is so sad for this year Asia tournament have only three events (THAILAND,INDONESIA,PHILIPPINE)and ending very  early of year 2014. And the final round was in beautiful Boracay island,Philippine 19-23 Feb 2014.Excited,serious,fun,friends,happy…and so many emotions in this event to take a chance of winner title again.This is my short report with both class Formula and TT Race.

Formula race is the fast course in this event with small lagoon and area to set up make short upwind and then fast slalom on left side jibe with 3 lab.From low to high wind make every race fair for everyone.With Ozone Edge my best wing and power make no one almost beatable from 12 race just lost the last last race from getting tired and bored.

Twin tip race class with world ranking now in IKA motivated me to join and win more but nothing is easy with many good riders mix up point and position every day.With 12 races also  Doque (PHI ) last year KTA TT Race champion who was pushing me and make a lot of pressure in every race.In the end I make Ozone family proud  again by winning TT race class too  with Ozone Edge.

“It is very hard work to join both class because no time to take a rest between the race,But I did it won both class even  I got super weak and tired with 24 races in four days.You know why?Ozone Edge make me race more easy and save my energy for the next race.”

Event and tournament results with KTA 2013/2014

-1st Formula race KTA Philippine, 2014

-1st TT race KTA Philippine,2014

-Champions Formula race overall KTA tournament 2013/2014

-Champions TT race overall KTA tournament 2013/2014

Sponsor by:Ozone,Quiksilver Thailand,Tuvia,P1,Sten team,Dr.A

Thank you and see you next event.

Narapichit Pudla(Yo)



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KTA Bintan island,Indonesia 2014


   The beautiful island and culture of Asia make this event in my memory of the year early.

Me and Thai team traveled together with a lot of hope and expect  to the podium with Thai flag represent.

“First event I tried to make three description in one event with Freestyle,Formula,and TT Race,Yo siad”  Nobody do it yet,But I try.

The location is so beautiful with sandy beach,blue water and green island.And the condition was so good and hard core with 20-25 knots,big reef break 2 mater wave and some local shark around the race course make everyone excite.

Powered by:Ozone,Quiksilver Thailand,Tuvia,P1,Lom

Thailand team results,

Narapichit Pudla (Yo):1st  Formula race,1st TT Race,5th Freestyle

Chanon Phrakeaw (Jack):2nd Formula race,13th TT Race

Passakorn Phaetraksa(Oh):4th Formula race,11th TT Race

Teerawat Sudpumkeaw (Surf):5th Formula race

Warit Paiboon(Time):8th Formula race

Teera Sudpumkeaw(Tok):8th TT Race

Benyapa Jantawan(Fawn):3rd  Formula race (Women),3rd TT Race (Women)



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KTA Phuket 2013

KTA-Kiteboard tour asia Phuket 17th-20th December 2013

The first round of kiteboard tour asia start in Phuket Thailand at Chalong bay with Formula race and Twin tip race class.Sunny day,clear water ,and windy in the morning make racing condition look so smooth and beautiful with spectator and media. Thirty-three riders from 12 countries registered for the event.

Thailand team also join  this event and expect to the podium with (Yo) Mr.Narapichit Pudla,(Jack) Mr.Chanon Phakrew,Mr.Warit Paiboon,and (Fown) Mrs.Benyapa Jantawan support by Nokair  and Dr.Satira Paekphapun.Finish in three day Thai team make spectator proud again with the best results by.

(Yo)Mr.Narapichit Pudla: 1st Formula race,2nd Twin tip race

(Jack)Mr.Chanon Phakrew:3rd Formula race

(Fown)Mrs.Benyapa Jantawan:3rd Formula race,3rd Twin tip race


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Thailand Cup 2013,Final championships ,Chonburi

13-15 December 2013,The final round for Thailand championship at Chonburi.
-1st Formula race
-1st Freestyle
-Formula race Thailand Champions 2013
-Freestyle Thailand champions 2013


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Thailand Championship 2013,Langsuan Chumpon

First event early of December start with 4th round Thailand Championships 2013 at Chumpon.
-1st Formula race
-1st Freetyle


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Phangan Kite Jam 2013,Thailand

The most of people just only know Koh Phangan Island about Party hard but not many people know how beautiful nature and sea in this island,Also you can do kiteboarding,and kitesurfing too!!

I got invited from my friend DANI who run and organize this event “Phangan Kite Jam 2013″to join with Yo kitetour and make Kite show  for event 28-29 Sep.It is good to be back again in the island after training for a while racing on the main land pattaya.

First day start with open ceremony Jam with dance and kite show all day to the night with live brand music on the beach make the time running so fast.Second day run by freestyle in the beginning of a day,So i decide to Jam too just go with the flow.And make too final winer follow by Bobby and Oun reprent Thailand.Afternoon wind picking up from storm we took speed up to TT Slalom race and i make it first again follow by Pea and Lek.Then finish my seesion with crowed by Big air style showing people alll about kiteboarding sport.

Thank you DANI and friends to make this Kite Jam.


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5th Binhai Weifang International Kitesurfing competition,China 2013

Five year in the roll with Binhai Feifang Kitesurfing International Invitation competition 7-11 September 2013 still fun to represent Thailand ,Ozone and promote kitesurfing in big country like China.They call this city New Dubai of China with big project of development.


I won every year and again this year I take Ozone on podium with 1st Course race and, 1st freestyle.

We were done 9 race in one day with 9-11 knots.Lucky I have my new big girlfriend 17m Ozone Edge,Ozone race bar,30m race line set up  with me and she fly very good to help me win every race.For freestyle with super light wind in qualifier but still enough to fly my 17m Ozone edge to the final with Lee South Korea rider.Wind was picking up so fast to 14-16 knot in final heat and I was still keep handle with my 17m to the end with no problem to win the heat .This is the best thing of Ozone Edge 2013 kite can fly from no wind to strong wind  , give you more chance to win a game!

Thank you.

Narapichit Pudla


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Phayam Island,Ranong,Thailand

Experience to the jungle and beach life style with silence and peace.Only bike and ride and no traffic road still local and green.

Kitesurfing spot

-Aow Yai,the longest beach in the island and good wave for surf and kite with sand breake.




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South pacific KTA Cook Island 2013


Is it real?Where I am now?wake up wake up yo!!!!!friend woke me up in the air plane,Then when I open my eyes I saw a green blue ocean and big lagoon with many island around  from the window side,and I realist im now landing soon at Aitutaki island,south Pacific ocean.

First time in paradise  Cook island with KTA 2013.I know it is not only competition here but should be the most awesome holiday trip with kiteboarding friends.I met many good local people on the way and we took a boat to one of the best kite spot they call honeymoon island.This is sand island with coconut tree in the middle and sea birds.Big lagoon and clear blue water and super flat make everyone happy with freestyle session.Then grab some beers sit on the beach for the evening sunset.

The event including with kiteboarding freestyle,slalom race,SUP race and canoe in four day.Start by freestyle judge by KTA team with unhooke and old school tricks for spectator.Wind speed 12-16 knots I was use my Ozone Edge 15m,13m to compete with good local rider, New Zealand riders and went to final heat with the best rider from Tahiti.I did many tricks like BLJ 3,KGB,SLIM,B MOBE,Front 4th spin,table top,etc.This was very  close heat but enough for me to win in freetyle.Then continue with slalom race with almost 28th riders on the start line I was finish 1,1,4 so I also won slalom race.And make my point to win overall international class too.

For the last day no wind we decide to do snorkeling and one foot island trip.So much fun from big party with all the riders and local people at night. This the best trip ever I got from the competition in Cook island.The word I learn from there is “Manna “The power of spirit you trust in the island!





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KTA Pingtan,China 2013


The best feeling to dominate all the KTA tour championships title 2013 with Course race and freestyle.This is story of me to step on the podium again.

KTA Pingtan is the final stop and the biggest event for Kiteboard tour asia 2012/2013 season with limit 120 competitor around the world to bet on podium and prize.Many good team from many country coming for compete like team Austaria,Philippin,Holland,Vietnam,etc..I am the one also from Thai team who always represent my country with some friend Jack and Fawn.A lot of spectators more than 100,000 cowed to cheer and see who will take the first in both Course race and freestyle.

Start compete with course race board production class with side offshore wind 8-16 knots gusty wind and cold water.It is very hard time for me to fight with a lot of good rider more than 30 racer and everyone very confident with they own speed and race.I make my riding plan in my head after tried the course but the wind direction was change all the time.But I can feel where the wind from and direction make me more fast to turn with right time right  position to get to upwind mark first almost every race and finished 1st almost in every race.I been use all my knowledge from the past of experience from wind sport how to deal with and the best equipment set up riding with Ozone EDGE,P1 race board and ristafins that make me fast enough to be the winner of the game.And I make many people happy to bet on me in this event..so believe in me I do my best.

Freestyle is the second chance for me to be in the water.This time I been use boots with my balance board and I have no expect how far I can go because a lot of series moment and good young riders fighting hard.Just for fun and do my best in cold water even can not feel hand and how I landing tricks .So far so good I won heat to semi final and then the wind is dead can not finish to final.I have to share the 1st position with another three riders from semi final but very happy with unbelievable feeling so far.So in this situation I got more point than Long from Vietnam who have more point before to be tournament champions title 2013.So I won him and change the game on the podium…Thank you god to save me from the pier and give me life to stand on the game until final event.


Thank you all sponsors who been support for whole season with GAC,OZONE,QUIKSILVER THAILAND,P1,CAM ONE,BALANCE and Dr.A.  Thank you to believe in me.

This is my results:

1st Course race KTA Pingtan,China  2013

1st Freestyle KTA Pingtan,China 2013

1st Course race over all KTA tournament 2012/2013

1ST Freestyle over all KTA tournament 2012/2013

2nd Freestyle Asian championships 2013

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